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Countering terrorism and crime through INFORMATION SHARING
In PARTNERSHIP with our local Town and Village Police Agencies, the NYPD, and law enforcement agencies across the globe.

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Message from Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney K. Harrison:

Welcome to Suffolk County Police Department SHIELD, a member of the Global SHIELD Network. SCPD SHIELD was designed as a partnership program between the public/private sector and the Suffolk County Police Department. Its main purpose is to enhance crime prevention and counter-terrorism efforts here in Suffolk County.

I have been a member of the New York City Police Department and the NYPD SHIELD program for many years and I have personally witnessed the benefits of the SHIELD program. In order to leverage this program’s success and avail our county of the New York City Police Department’s vast experience in terrorism prevention, our department opted to partner with the NYPD when we stood up our SHIELD program.

Our region remains a top target for terrorism. Several prior plots to attack this region have involved preoperational activities here in Suffolk County. Our department has partnered with the New York City Police Department for many years on a wide variety of initiatives to keep our region and county safe.

Information sharing is the key to success. Our public/private sector partners are the eyes and ears of the community. No one is in a better position to identify suspicious activity than our public/private sector partners. By working together we can help keep our county secure.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to protect Suffolk County, its businesses, and its residents. We look forward to further strengthening our relationships as we continue to keep everyone we serve safe.


SCPD SHIELD keeps our private sector partners informed of developing situations in the County and region, including preparations for upcoming events and new intelligence and threat information.

This information will be disseminated directly by one of several methods:

  • SCPD Shield Website
  • Seminars and briefings
  • Alert e-mail and text messages
  • Training

Contact SCPD SHIELD at: (934) 852-SCPD or (934) 852-7273