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Operation Safeguard

Safeguard New York is an outreach initiative designed to educate individuals, community groups and other public and private sector organizations on how to recognize and report suspicious activity.

New York State law enforcement is reaching out to a wide spectrum of businesses and industries throughout the State with Operation SAFEGUARD. With this program, The Office of Homeland Security seeks to establish a ready contact that may be helpful in reporting information or circumstances that appear unusual or suspicious to you, your employees, or members of your professional association and thus could be of possible assistance to law enforcement.

There is concern that individuals seeking to commit acts of terrorism, while portraying themselves as legitimate customers, may look to purchase or lease certain materials or equipment or undergo formalized training to acquire certain skills or licenses. There is also a concern that such individuals may simply steal certain types of vehicles, equipment or materials from the inventory of legitimate businesses. Whatever the method, once appropriated, these items and/or skills could then be used to facilitate an act of terrorism.

Instances of suspicious conduct observed by you or your employees may not be criminal per se, but may be peculiar and unusual because it does not match the usual fact pattern your personal business or industry routinely experiences when dealing with customer requests. The option to contact the New York State Tips line or your local police department is intended to encourage and facilitate an exchange of information in such matters and provide yet another resource to the public. The NY State Toll-Free Tips line may be contacted 24-hours a day, seven days a week by calling: 1-866-SAFE-NYS7273) as

Contact SCPD SHIELD at: (934) 852-SCPD or (934) 852-7273

General Indicators of Criminal or Terrorist Activities

Potential Indicators of Criminal or Terrorist Activities Directed at Religious Centers 

Potential Indicators of Criminal or Terrorist Activities Directed at Religious Centers (Continued)